A Simple, Happy Birthday!


My two year old became a three year old today!

There’s something so happy and simple about a plump, wispy bundle of birthday balloons!  They were definitely my son’s favorite part of the day!

We kept the celebration pretty simple, even for such a landmark birthday–no big party for my sensitive little sweetie.  Just grandparents and cupcakes!  Keeping things low key helped us ALL enjoy the event a little more fully.

We’re quickly learning that with so many adoring family members, my husband and I can gift our children pretty simply.  (And really SHOULD gift minimally if we want to have room to walk in our apartment!  LOL)  This year we gave him a lot of clothes, and just a few toys and books.  He was just as excited about the practical gifts!  What a kid!

3 years old.  Wow!  Our oldest baby is turning into a full fledged kiddo!

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