Make a Rock Garden Centerpiece!


It was time to put something on my table for spring, and I’ve been kind of stumped.  I always like to have something on my table that makes our home look alive, but its time to do something besides flowers or candles.  I definitely wanted something green to match my springtime green mantle, so I set about turning a small houseplant into a simple garden themed centerpiece.

You can find “river rocks” like these close to the florals in any craft store, or really, even in Walmart.  At target they’ll be close to the candles as “vase fillers”.  My houseplant was a dollar on closeout at Aldi, and the 70’s looking plastic water can was 15 cents at my favorite thrift store.  I don’t think I would go quite this simple with my centerpiece if my table runner wasn’t so eye catching by itself.  I found it at World Market, where I was cashing in on a $10 off anything coupon.  (Did you know they send you a $10 coupon for your birthday when you sign up for their emails?!  Sweet!)

I love how this constant reminder to water my plants, actually helps me remember to drink more H2O.  It’s SO ridiculously simple, but I don’t know…  I think it’s got a kind of zen quality!  What do you think?

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