FINALLY! The Secrets of Being a Mom Revealed!


This is my friend Stephanie.  She has five kids, all under five years old.  Wonder how she does it?  So do I, and after months and months of my nagging, she finally revealed her secrets over on our collaborative effort, 4SmartyPants.

Here’s what impresses me about Stephanie: She’s not some jean skirt type that basks in the land of runny noses and tantrums while the rest of us pine for the days we could use the bathroom uninterrupted.   She’s a real gal like you and me.  I knew her before she had children, and she’s managed to stay the same cute, interesting gal she always was–the kind that loves a good meme, raps out loud with the radio, and can’t just ignore the TV if a good FRIENDS rerun is playing.  She’s got to be way more sleep deprived than I am, but she always finds the fun in life.

I never want to become the kind of parent that constantly whines or grows to resent the life they gave up to have children.  I think my pal has some great actionable tips for keeping the right attitude.  Go check them out, HERE.

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