How to Fold a Towel


As basic as this seems, even my dear mother (a crafty wizard in her own right) is baffled every time she visits and tries to help with my laundry.  You might think it’s a bit obsessive to worry about whether or not my towels are folded properly, but I love having a touch of that “department store” look in my linen closet!  Once I started folding the “right” way, I couldn’t bring myself to go back.  It’s a little gift I give myself!  You just have to do one thing:

It’s the 1/3 thing that trips people up.  I was the worst about this at first.  Try stuffing an envelope or making a six sided snowflake when you can only wrap your mind around folding in halves!  Disaster!  I finally realized, it’s not that hard!

It was trickier than my normal method at first.  I started out always using a flat surface, but now I can fold up a stack of towels free hand, straight out of the dryer, just as quickly as I did using the old method!

Once you start folding your towels in thirds, you’ll start folding EVERYTHING in thirds!  From sheets to shirts, I love how folding in thirds hides the raw edges, making all your clean laundry look tidier.  Pay attention next time you go to the store.  It’s how they ALWAYS do it!

Do you have any homemaking quirks like this?  What is it in your home that you love to have done “just so”?

2 thoughts on “How to Fold a Towel

  1. I generally go by how I can get the most use out of my shelf space, but I also use thirds a LOT when folding laundry! (Clint doesn’t understand why I’m so against his folding it!) Ah, well – the quirks of being a perfectionist!

    1. It’s cracking me up over on Facebook, too! It seems like everyone is just as passionate as I am about how they fold THEIR towels the “right” way!

      (Of course, the above way is the one true RIGHT way! Make no mistake!)


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