Why I (Almost) Never Buy Fat Quarters

Let’s start with the basics:  A “fat quarter” is 1/4 of a yard of quilting fabric, but cut like square pizza instead of a breadstick.  That doesn’t make sense? Here’s a visual. (Hint: They’re the same size as most bandanas!)  Fat quarters are usually displayed at the end of quilting fabric racks.  They’re folded and wrapped up neatly.  They’re adorable!  If you think there’s not a lot you can do with that cut of fabric, look at be amazed by this exhaustive list of fat quarter project tutorials.

Fat quarters usually cost $1.99, or you can occasionally get them on sale for closer to a dollar.  That puts the fabric at about $8 a yard or $4 a yard at half off.  That’s not horrible, but if I only need a fat quarter, it makes more sense, to me, to start at the remnant wrack. Read more

Convertible Ruffled Boot Cuffs



You didn’t really think I was going to give you that last post on ruffling knits without a practical application did you?  Like I said, I love how easy it is to add a little ruffle to things, but in a house with all boys, I don’t really have many opportunities to use the technique.

But then I had leftover sweater sleeves. Read more

Shortening my Sweater Sleeves

Shorten Your Sleeves


I thought I’d start with something simple for my 13 challenge.  Everybody loves a short sleeve sweater right?  There’s something a little dressier about it, somehow, and boy, do they look nifty when they’re layered over a button up.  I also tend to think they translate a little better with skirts than a traditional pullover.  A short sleeve sweater is just a little extra feminine.

I got this sweater from Old Navy two years ago.  It’s starting to get some pilling, and I know it doesn’t have much life left in it, so it was my first victim.  A short sleeve sweater, I would have! Read more

Hand Sanitizer Cozy–Makes a great teacher gift!


Here is a super quick but thoughtful gift you can make your kids’ teachers this year!  Practical, inexpensive, and adorable… Dust off your sewing machine, because you have no choice–you’re totally going to do this with me! Read more

Three Ways I’m Sewing and Saving this Christmas


November starts the rush at my house.  Sometimes I get all my handmade gifts done by Thanksgiving (a worthy goal), but other times I’ll be setting up my sewing machine well into December.  As I sit down to make a list of the handmade elements I want to tackle this season, I thought I’d share some of my plans. Read more